Age-qualified. Active adult. Age-targeted. Active lifestyle communities. Ageless living. Nearly every major national homebuilder has released a new brand and product for 55+ buyers. Dr. Margaret Wylde, an active researcher, author, and the founder and CEO of ProMatura, a global market research and advisory firm specializing in 50+ consumers and their housing preferences, shares her view on ageless housing: “Take the age out of it. Age doesn’t matter. It’s a place to live.”

Where did age-qualified housing really come from?

Margaret offers a history lesson that bears repeating. “The only reason we have age-qualified housing is because it kept out the younger people from nursing homes –the young kids with head trauma or some other injuries that meant they needed care and had to be there. They wanted to play their music loud and be kids. That’s how it came about, and that’s about all the thought we should give age today.”

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