50+ Marketing & Placemaking


Foster Strategy was created by Helen Foster in late 2007.  Having co-managed a major communications and branding firm dedicated to Boomer+ consumers, Helen noticed too often that developers and communities were seeking communications solutions to product challenges -- in some cases, running expensive, award-winning campaigns, only to generate leads they could not successfully convert.  The reason these campaigns failed?  Too much attention to communications tactics, and too little attention to the customer experience.    

Foster Strategy fills the gap -- engaging with clients on a collaborative and holistic basis -- uncovering unseen product potential and ways to enhance the consumer experience, as well as brand value.  Foster Strategy works with planners, marketing teams and partnering firms, offering perspectives informed by 16+ years’ experience with 50+ consumers and hundreds of age-qualified and age-targeted developments and projects across the U.S., including Active Adult, Continuing Care, Independent Living, Assisted Living, and even municipalities. 

What does this mean to you?  More satisfied consumers.  A cohesive, motivated sales team.  A more compelling story to tell that speaks to consumer passions, values and buying motivations.  And, greater return on your marketing investment. 

What can Foster Strategy do for you? 


When marketing to consumers 50+, experience matters.

Foster Strategy, L.L.C. helps communities build relationships with potential residents ages 50+, thoughtfully connecting consumer values to the brand experience.

Photo above features Lambeth House, a CCRC and Foster Strategy client in New Orleans.  Audubon Park is in foreground.  Photo taken by Jackson Hill.

Why Foster Strategy?

We know that “best practice” communities offer more than a place to live ... they offer a better way to live.  We share your commitment to consumers 50+ and your desire to get it right.  Offering on-going consulting services, marketing audits, one-day assessments, workshops and more, Foster Strategy can help solidify your community’s brand position and increase marketing efficiencies.

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